Wrinklase® Day Serum

Unique Wrinklase® Day complex serum ensures immediate hydration and improvement of visible wrinkles upon application. Contains highly concentrated hyaluronate serum specially formulated with molecular weights that maximise hydration of the skin and reduce the visible appearance of wrinkles. This light serum not only gives your skin a smooth glow, however is enhanced with a high concentration of vitamin B3 to stimulate collagen synthesis, reduces skin blotchiness, pigmentation and protect against sun and environmental damage. 

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Wrinklase® Night Cream

Unique Wrinklase® Night complex cream works on the same pathway as injectable botulinum toxin to reduce muscle contraction, however, does this via a non-toxic peptide. As well, collagen synthesis is stimulated, degradation of collagen is inhibited, protecting skin from the loss of elasticity. Wrinkle-erasing and moisturising, the special cream gel formulation glides on and is ultra light and appropriate for any skin type, without causing congestion. Notice a real change in wrinkles within a matter of weeks and reduce your need for injectable anti-wrinkle formulations. 

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Wrinklase® Day and Night Pack

Fight wrinkles all day and night.

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Erase wrinkles all day and night.

How to use Wrinklase® serum and cream

Unique syringe locking mechanism that avoids wastage and allows ease of application.