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Wicked Blink is a lash enhancing gel with a difference. Designed to give you long luscious lashes with a peptide only formulation without the additives of other lash products.

Wicked Blink’s unique lash lengthening formula contains a concentrated peptide which targets keratin genes to stimulate increased lash growth.

Unlike most other lash products that contain prostaglandin or prostaglandin analogues, Wicked Blink uses a peptide only formula to gradually lengthen and thicken your lashes. Prostaglandin and prostaglandin analogues can cause significant side effects such as chronic irritation of the eyelids and changes to the fat surrounding the eyes (orbital atrophy).

Wicked Blink’s special gel formula means the product goes on exactly where it needs to and does not run into the eye and cause irritation like with other products. Precise delivery to the root of the eyelashes exactly where it is needed to enhance their growth.

Use daily or even twice daily for greater effect on both upper and lower lashes. Start seeing effects on lash length and density within weeks of use.

Double the size of most other lash enhancing products in a wickedly cute witchy container.

How to use Wicked Blink

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Longer, thicker lashes within weeks of daily application