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How to use Liptease lip plumping balm

Both Liptease® and Liptease®🌶hot🌶come in a cute lip shaped container. Liptease® comes in the pink container, Liptease®🌶hot🌶with chilli comes in the red container.

They open by placing the container with the lips facing upwards and twisting to open.

Dab a small amount of lip balm onto the finger and spread over the lips.

If you are using the chilli one be careful not to swallow the product. If this does happen, you will feel a temporary tingle in the throat. It only contains a small amount of chilli and most people tolerate it well. If you are sensitive to chilli, it is best to stick to Liptease®.

Both Liptease® and Liptease®🌶hot🌶contain a special peptide that gives a 3D volumising effect to the lips. It has been shown to increase production of collagen and superhydrate the lips, making them more defined whilst appearing and feeling smoother and softer.

Liptease® products  they are rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and contain an exotic blend of fruit seed derived butters from the Amazon rainforest which act to moisturise and protect the lips from dryness and environmental damage.

For extra volume and redness try Liptease®🌶hot🌶with chilli. This has an extra immediate volumising effect on top of regular Liptease®. Expect to feel a slight burning sensation on application which should settle after a short while.