Skintillation® founder Dr Simone on the importance of skin care

Dr Simone has always believed amazing looking skin is the most important factor in looking young.

Great skin is the foundation upon which all other anti-ageing treatments should be administered. Despite having the tools to perform procedures with more dramatic anti-ageing effects, there is no substitute for excellent skin care.

Being disciplined about application of  skin creams with the right anti-ageing formulations daily can both prevent and reverse the visible signs of ageing over time. It is one of the simplest, most affordable things a person can do to slow the course of ageing as well as see improvements in skin quality.

Over the course of her many years as a practising specialist plastic surgeon, she has tried and tested various skin care products, many requiring unnecessary complex regimens. She wanted to develop a range that was very easy to use and which combines the most powerful anti-ageing ingredients available in the right concentrations to reverse ageing as well as making your skin look better upon application.

The Wrinklase® range was developed to have a product to apply morning and night that not only prevents new wrinkle formation but also reduces the appearance of existing wrinkles. Its active ingredients are designed to work on all critical factors in wrinkle formation. Key components work on the same pathways as commonly used injectables without the pain of a needle.

The Wrinklase® night complex contains one of the most powerful ingredients that can be delivered through the skin to reduce muscle activity, one of the most important causes of wrinkle development.

Both the Wrinklase® Day and Night complex contain collagen stimulating actives to ensure you maximise new collagen synthesis all day and night as well as constituents to make your skin look immediately glowing, with less visible wrinkles on application.

The science of skin care that actually works

Scientifically proven skin care is always something Dr Simone has emphasised to her patients. Developing her own range has been many years in the making and her intention to do this and holistic treatment philosophy was first mentioned here in Vogue some years ago.

Many skin creams contain active ingredients, however, it is about having the right ingredients in the right concentrations. To determine what works takes patience, time and extensive testing.

All Skintillation® products have been extensively researched and tested for stability to deliver the ideal concentration of each active ingredient for maximum efficacy.

Throughout her career, Dr Simone has been involved in scientific research having completed a PhD degree as well as her advanced plastic surgery training.

This background has ensured product development has been done only with ingredients whose effects are backed by good scientific evidence.